Vehicle Servicing

How often should I Service my Vehicle?

You should Service your Vehicle atleast once every 12 months as this prolongs engine wear and regularly changing your oil keeps all the internal metal parts in your engine well lubricated.

A Full service from Green Lane Garage typically includes,
Oil Change,
Air Filter Change,
Fuel Filter Change,
Spark Plugs,
Full Brake Inspection,
Suspension Inspection,
All Lights check,
Cam Belt Inspection,
Tyre Check,

and finally all the Vehicle Fluid Checks and top ups.

Servicing all types of vehicles is a big part of our work at Green Lane Garage.

All the more important is that we service more vehicles in a shorter amount of time than ever before thanks to our large workshop in Garstang.

When Green Lane Garage takes on your vehicle it is serviced in line with the manufacturer’s recommendation. We also offer the choice of genuine or non-genuine replacement parts.

Green Lane Garage are able to source genuine parts for BMW, Mini and, most recently, Volkswagen at a discounted price. All other makes are also available.

Supplying Tyres, exhausts and batteries at competitive rates is also all part of our extremely competitive service programme.

You can always guarantee with Green Lane Garage that you’ll get the best quality service for one of the lowest prices around.

That’s not all, to assist you further while your vehicle is in for servicing at Green Lane Garage, we have a courtesy van available so your time on the road is not affected with your vehicle sidelined for a health-check.